Welcome to the Rotary Club of Belmopan

Club 64301 / District 4250

We welcome you to our Rotary Club! We are the Rotary Club of Belmopan, Belize in Central America. Rotary is a global network of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian services, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps to build goodwill and peace around the world. Despite being formed only a few years ago, the light blue Rotary shirts have become a common sight around Belmopan and have quickly become associated with community service.

Although Rotary is an opportunity to build lifelong friendships coupled with fun fellowship, its real purpose is service to our communities and in extension, the world. We invite you to join us, through volunteering or by joining Rotary and help us to make Belmopan and Belize a better place.

Weekly Meeting 6pm 
25 HalfMoon Avenue
Mahogany Restaurant and Grill
Bull Frog Inn
City of Belmopan
Cayo District